Collecting Outstanding Debts – Revolutionary Solution Now Available
No recovery, no charge

Collecting Outstanding Debts – Revolutionary Solution Now Available

As business owners we all strive to make our business successful.

We put in the long hours to provide our clients with the best possible service and in good faith we expect to be paid and hope our clients will use us again.  

Often, providing these goods or services or completing a contract, takes considerable time and expense to our business.  

Many businesses rely on accounts or credit to help with the expenses related to supplying these goods and services or to complete these contractual obligations. The business will then in turn pay their supplier or bank once their invoice is paid. Right?

So… what happens if you are not paid?

You, as a business owner, are placed in a very difficult position as your suppliers or bank are now chasing you for money you do not have. This has the potential to:

  1. Tarnish your business name and reputation.
  2. Suppliers may place a “stop credit” on your account or make it cash only purchases. 
  3. Put a strain on your business cash flow making it even harder to run your business.
  4. Devastation! The size of the debt owing will determine the impact to your business.

So… what option do you currently have?

You can see a solicitor to try and recover the debt but this will add fuel to the fire adding another expense + risk, to an already costly situation, from which you may never get paid. This is already a daunting decision as you don’t know whether to move forward to recover your money or will the outcome be you end up throwing further money down the drain?

Business owners often struggle with this decision and fail to recover these debts for following reasons:

  • Inexperience with debt collection
  • Stress or pressure
  • Lack of funds
  • Lack of time
  • Lack of support

Unfortunately, sometimes Business owners do not survive these situations and the company, as a result, goes into Administration or Liquidation.

The personal cost to these business owners as a side consequence is sometimes heartbreaking. When we talk about a business owner we are talking about a person.  Quite often they are a Mum and Dad or a Family Business. These are real people. It is just not the business that suffers, it is the families and relationships.

We can help you.

The team at Assure Global Plus have created a revolutionary package

to help you through this difficult time. We have made the process easy for you to help recover those monies that are rightfully yours whether it is a new or older matter.

We will take away the burden of having to do this alone. Assure Global plus will walk you through the entire process and cover all legal costs without you having to pay any money until you get your money back.

Assure Global Plus has highly experienced and licensed practitioners. We back ourselves and if we take your case on and you do not win, we will not charge you a cent.  If you do not win, other companies will leave you with the mess of having to pay the other parties’ costs. This can be very expensive. Assure Global plus will cover all legal costs if you do not win.

This is a fantastic opportunity to help get your money back with no upfront costs.

Do yourself a favour, contact the team at Assure Global Plus at or call 07 3483 1200 and have a chat about how we can help you today.

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