A considered approach for better outcomes

ASSURE Recoveries

Assure Recoveries™ is a package provided by Assure Global Plus to assist anyone from a sole trader, small and medium enterprises, to a large corporation to collect outstanding debts in a low risk and cost efficient manner.

At Assure Global Plus we understand the frustrations you may encounter as a result of not being paid and the impact this can have on your cash flow.

This leads to further angst for you as you decide whether or not to engage a debt recoveries company and what this means for your business.

The following questions are often raised:

  • How will this effect my business image?
  • Is it worth the hassle to collect the debt?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Will it effect my business relationship with my existing clients?

Giving Peace Of Mind

  • Our Practice Managers are highly experienced, licensed negotiators and achieve results by being firm but never aggressive. We respect your brand and reputation and will action your debts as an integrated partner.
  • Debt recovery and a sound collection strategy are essential for any business regardless of its size. How a business follows up on overdue accounts has the potential to influence your customers payment behaviours. If your business has a relaxed approach, your customers may not prioritise your invoices compared to a company that has a diligent collection strategy. Assure Recoveries is a product which helps you to understand your customers which will increase cashflow and minimizing your losses whilst maintaining customer service.

  • Our work is speculative and  we only charge commission and outlays on monies collected.

  • Our practice Managers are respectful of your clients. We will tailor the approach to your  customer based on your recommendations. Our Practice managers will discuss your guidelines and expectations prior to calling the customer. If you wish to retain your client we will work with your client to obtain a flexible payment solution that will meet your guidelines and expectations.  This will allow for a smooth transaction which your customer appreciates as you have helped  them navigate through a potentially  awkward situation for them. Alternatively your relationship may have already broken down with your client and you just want to be paid. Once again we will still be polite and firm to your old customer whilst explaining their obligations to pay the debt. In doing so we will still meet your guidelines and expectations whilst recovering your monies on your behalf. 
  • Assure Global Plus as your integrated debt recoveries partner is not only here to assist in collecting your debt.

    Having a partner like Assure Global pus helps you with:

    • Credit checks on prospective clients, ensuring you make an informed decision on who you do business with and their ability to pay.
    • Organise a free review of your terms and conditions through Redchip Lawyers
    • Ongoing insights, payment analysis and credit scoring on existing clients to provide information on payment likelihood.
    • Overdue account letters to remind clients of their need to pay
    • Solicitors letters of demands if your client breaks your their payment obligations of their terms and conditions
    • Legal recovery if all collections means fails.

     The ASSURE Recoveries approach is

    • Professional and ethical
    • Cost effective and customised to your business
    • Positive and firm whilst protecting your brand
    • Efficient, effective and results driven
    • A national company with representation Australia wide

Our packages are offered on a case-by-case basis and we may not accept every request made for our packages.  We offer no guarantee as to the outcome of any claim that is made.  Our packages are subject to changes which may occur in the law from time to time including the laws regarding insolvency under the Corporations Act 2001.  All packages are offered subject to our terms and conditions contained in our engagement documents.