Debt resolution packages provided by Assure Global Plus


Assure Recoveries is a package provided by Assure Global Plus to assist anyone from a sole trader, small and medium enterprises, to a large corporation to collect outstanding debts in a low risk and cost efficient manner.

At Assure Global Plus we understand the frustrations business owners and management may encounter a result of not being paid and the impact this can have on your cash flow.

Our Practice Managers are highly experienced, licensed negotiators and achieve results by being firm but never aggressive. We respect your brand and reputation and we action your debts as an integrated partner.


Assure Indemnify is an insolvency litigation package designed for Insolvency Practitioners in the furtherance of litigation in the course of their insolvency appointment.

In weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of commencing proceedings, an Insolvency Practitioner invariably considers the following risks:

  • Adverse cost orders
  • Funding costs of legal proceedings
  • The size of the litigation claim

One or a combination of factors may influence the Insolvency Practitioners decision on whether to litigate the claim.


Assure Resolve is a package, provided by Assure Global Plus, specifically designed to assist all businesses in recovering commercial  debt in a risk free environment. 

At Assure Global Plus, we understand you may have overdue invoices that are not being paid and the personal angst and financial difficulties this may cause.

Moving through a litigation path to recover your debts as a last resort isn’t easy, but we’ll work for you to get the job done.